Rhinoplasties are performed to correct any aspects of the nose which you find unpleasant or you consider to upset the harmony of the rest of your face.

In addition to its aesthetic values, rhinoplasties can also have an important functional impact when they are performed to address respiratory problems, cancer and other healthcare concerns.

Rhinoplasty Treatment

Different methods can be used to modify the deviation of the nasal bone. Our medical team uses a highly specialized tool called a 'piezo,' which minimizes possible bruising and swelling when nasal bones are corrected. Suppose patients are on the fence about plastic surgery or feel uneasy about the idea. In that case, we can send them an ideal virtual 'after' photo according to their description before they arrive in Türkiye, allowing them to decide if the changes are worth it or not.

Anesthesia: General
Duration of Operation: 2 Hours
Hospitalization: 1 Day

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