Lower Extremity Surgery

There are many different types of leg aesthetic surgeries that can be performed on different parts of legs, depending upon the patient’s needs and goals. Patients demand this procedure especially when their lower leg is thicker than usual. The purpose in leg aesthetics is to make legs thinner and aesthetically eye pleasing. Therefore, excess tissue volume is decreased, and the lacking areas are filled with liposuction for even better results. It is also possible to correct bowed legs, too.

Lower Extremity Surgery

This procedure involves inserting silicone prostheses on the calves with very minimal incisions (about 3cm). The scars become invisible in a very short period of time and the recovery process is very fast. This procedure can be carried out with a combination of fat grafting which helps to create an overall better, more natural appearance. Patients may safely travel by an airplane 4 days after the operation.

Anesthesia : General
Duration of Operation : 1.5 Hours
Hospitalization : 1 day

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