Face Lift

Face lift techniques which are achieved in Turkey can be divided in 2 categories:

1- Mid Face Lifting
2-Full Face Lifting.

Face Lift

  • Mid face lifting : A midface lift repositions the cheek skin and muscles vertically towards the eyes. This technique could be used for a patient who has lost fullness in the upper cheek area due to descent of the tissues.
  • Full face Lifting : A full facelift might include everything from neck, midface, eyes and brow and helps the patient to get a sculpted look for the face and neck area. The facelift procedure involves incision that skirts the contour of the ear, using the anatomy of the ear to help conceal them and minimizing scarring. In general, a facelift can last up to 10 years. After that, patients begin to see the signs of aging but they will always look younger than they would have done. It is a fallacy that ‘once you have done it once you have to go back’. However, patients can always have a chance to get repeat procedures after a period of 8-10 years or a little help from a filler; if physical changes recur.

Anesthesia : General
Duration of Operation : 4 Hours
Hospitalization : 1 day

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