Surgical Treatment

The method is based on the operative removal of the tumor/ metastases, and is based in the principle of ablastics. With surgical solutions, it is important that all tumorous aspects are removed, and this is done by excising the tumor in the healthy tissue as well as in the lymphatic passages and regional lymph nodes. For example, the removal of the mammary gland is carried out together with the removal of the of the fiber and lymph nodes of the axillary and subclavian areas, while a stomach resection is carried out by the removal of both glands.

Surgical Treatment

Palliative surgical operations

Palliative surgeries are performed primarily to eliminate the complications caused by an inoperable tumor in order to restore the vital functions of the body, but not to operate on the tumor itself. The second goal of palliative surgeries is a palliative tumor removal, sometimes known as palliative resection. In this type of operation, part of either the primary tumor or metastases are removed.

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