Other Therapies


Some malignant tumors make progress when there is a hormonal imbalance in the body. Hormonotherapy is used to treat cancers of hormone-dependent organs (mammary glands, prostate glands, etc.). This therapy uses antiestrogens, androgens, corticosteroids, progestins and estrogens to treat breast cancer, endometrial cancer, and prostate cancers amongst others. Often, cytostatic and endocrine medicines are used together, which increases the effectiveness of treatment.


This therapy includes the application of various natural biologically active agents (interferons, interleukins, etc.), immunotherapy through vaccines, activated lymphocytes, immunomodulating pharmacological preparations etc. in order to stimulate the body's own anti-tumor immunity.

Other Therapies


It is a treatment with the help of oncolytic viruses.

Photo-dynamic therapy

It is a treatment with drugs that can destroy cells of a malignant tumor under the influence of a light flux of a certain wavelength (photogem, radachlorin, photosens, alasense, photolon, etc.).

In Turkey, you will get treatment recommendations and plans from medical specialists, but you will also receive a second opinion on the planned medical treatment(s) from a specialist at one of the several American clinics that Remed Health is partnered with.

The advantage of treatment in Turkey is the top-class medical care for a reasonable price.

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