Women Aged Under 40

General Check-up For Women Aged Under 40

Even the benefits of the check-ups are the same for both male and female, women are different from men in both anatomical and hormonal aspects deserving a different check-up program

This program helps to avoid or at least detect various unexpected diseases be they gynecological, oncological or cardiac of which women suffer from by exposing the risk factors are early detection of them at the very outset before getting too complicated or serious.

Women Aged Under 40


Internal Medicine Examination
Gynecological Examination

Radiological Examinations:

Chest X-ray P.A. (one direction)

Cardiological Examination:

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Pathologic Examinations:

Vaginal smear (PAP smear)

Laboratory Examinations:

SGPT (ALT),SGOT (AST) ,Glucose , Complete blood count (Hemogram) , Urine analysis , Sedimentation, Urea , Creatinine , Cholesterol, LDL cholesterol , Triglyceride, Free T4 , TSH Stool analysis , Anti-HBs (CARD TEST) , Anti-HIV (CARD TEST) , HBsAg (CARD test) , Anti-HCV (CARD TEST)

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