Women Aged Over 40

Check-up for women aged over 40

Health screening in women after 40 years old helps to diagnose health issues in the early stages when they can be controlled. Women over 40 are particularly at risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, inflammatory joint diseases, gynecologic malignancies. A normal physiologic process unique to women is menopause and this can create physiologic (osteoporosis,etc) and psychologic (anxiety, panic attacks, etc) problems.

Women Aged Over 40

This program checks general condition of women over 40 with necessary hormonal tests and radiologic studies to expose any underlying abnormality which may cause serious problems if undetected in later life.


Internal Medicine Examination
Gynecological Examination

Radiological Examinations:

Mammography + Breast USG (single)
Abdomen US
Chest X-ray P.A. (one direction)

Cardiological Examination:

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Pathologic Examinations:

Vaginal smear (PAP smear)

Laboratory Examinations:

SGPT (ALT),SGOT (AST) ,Glucose , Complete blood count (Hemogram) , Urine analysis , Sedimentation, Urea , Creatinine , Cholesterol, LDL cholesterol , Triglyceride, Free T4 , TSH Stool analysis , Anti-HBs (CARD TEST) , Anti-HIV (CARD TEST) , HBsAg (CARD test) , Anti-HCV (CARD TEST)

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