Check-Up For Children

It is important to keep track of a child's general state of health at each stage of their development. Regular health checks help to protect against disease.

With the advent of modern lifestyle our kids are also becoming increasingly susceptible to lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes and asthma. It is important that we initiate an annual preventive health check up in school going children so that these disease and other growth disorders are diagnosed early and corrective steps are taken in nascent stages only. It is seen that dental problems, visual problems and anemia are discovered during such routine check-up.

Check-up for children


Dentist Consultation
Pediatric Consultation
Ophthalmology Consultation

Radiological Examinations:

Abdominal Ultrasonography
Chest X-ray P.A. (one direction)

Cardiological Examination:

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Laboratory Examinations:

SGPT (ALT),SGOT (AST) ,GGT, Glucose , Complete blood count (Hemogram) , Urine analysis , Creatinine , Cholesterol, LDL cholesterol , Triglyceride, TSH Stool analysis , AntiHAV TOTAL , AntiHBs , HBsAg

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