Whether you finally want to have that checkup, dental treatment, aesthetic operation or any recreational therapy that you planned for long time or your life has been disrupted by a serious health problem and you need to find the most comprehensive medical treatment option, you can rely on our experienced specialists. We are here to assist you through the entire process starting from research phase with the highest level of quality and exclusive patient services you may need during your stay and travel.


Correct detection of the problem is crucial when planning the cardiologic treatment. The angiography performed by specialized doctors in our team therefore has a lot of importance for the success of the treatment.

Balloon angioplasty is a nonsurgical invasive treatment modality and is used as adjunctive technique to be combined with other techniques.

Although angioplasty is the first considered treatment, for some types of blockages, coronary bypass surgery may be the best option. The procedure has been applied innumerable times with success by our highly experienced specialized doctors in Turkey.

With a considerable reduced risk and side effects, the technique of Off- Pump by pass is a unique treatment applied successfully as an alternative to conventional by-pass surgery.

Heart valve problems which make the heart work too hard are abnormalities in valves caused by birth defects, aging or certain diseases. The advanced techniques and contemporary technology makes it possible to successfully solve such problems, leading the patient towards a completely healthy life.

With less pain, lower risk of infection, and shorter hospitalization time for the recovery this unique technique offers same efficacy, quality and safety of a conventional approach while at the same time being cost-conscious.

Thanks to recent advances and skillful surgeons in their field it is now possible to apply ASD/VSD surgery with less risk and shorter recovery time. Remed’s professional team can guide you through the entire process.

It is also possible to perform ASD/VSD closure through catheterization. The patient may experience the most comfortable post operative process with the minimally invasive technique applied by expert specialists in Turkey.

Dental Treatments

Malposition teeth and jaws can be an overwhelming health problem as well as an unwanted appearance concern. Thanks to the latest medical technology it is easy and comfortable to correct those defects at any

Your smile is your confidence. Get the best esthetic dentistry treatments abroad to showcase your best self. Choose from innumerous alternatives to create an astonishing appearance.

Dental implants are a great option for those who suffer from tooth loss. Why not turn your holiday into an opportunity to renew your smile with the retouch of expert dentists and affordable prices.


If you are over 40 it is time to be serious about your health. This package with urology consultation, cardiological and radiological examinations and many laboratory tests is a perfect occasion to combine with your holiday.

Women over 40 are particularly at risk of many diseases that can be cured on early stages. This check up package including gynecological examination, mammography, smear test and many more is right for you or your beloved ones during holidays.

Combining your holidays abroad with a checkup program and eliminate the risk of development of various diseases and premature a smart option to benefit from high quality diagnosis services and affordable prices in Turkey. RemedHealth can help you with all the arrangements.

Prevent any health issue before they get too complicated to treat. Take this opportunity to combine your holiday with a specially designed check up offered with affordable prices and high quality medical setup.

Turn your holiday into an opportunity for your kids. Dental, pediatric and ophthalmology consultations and all the necessary laboratory consultations help protect your child against diseases.

Do you know your body’s tendency towards certain diseases? By examining your DNA, genetic check-up can reveal many outcomes for you to be cautious on specific areas in order to protect your health.

Fertility Treatments (IVF)

If you have difficulties in getting pregnant IVF treatment can be a good choice to consider. Turkey has been offering different IVF treatment modalities with high success rates in various IVF centers and clinics.

Hair Transplantation

Give your hair a second chance with RemedHealth. You can stop hair loss with revolutionary treatments and state of art techniques for fair prices.


The method is based on the operative removal of the tumor and / or metastases.

Radiation treatment (radiotherapy) is carried out using X-rays and gamma rays of radioactive elements for fighting with cancer.

Treatment of cancer with the help of different chemo therapies is successfully carried out in Turkey.

There are many alternative options or therapies for your cancer treatment which is performed successfully in Turkey by medical specialists known in their field

You may get an alternative, treatment plan for your cancer treatment from the medical specialists of Massive Bio with which RemedHealth is working closely.


RemedHealth can guide you to the best treatment options for your cataract disease. Working with the specialized hospitals for eye care Remed guarantees the best treatments with fair costs while accompanying you through the entire process.

Being one of the highest success rates out of all refraction operations, laser offers improved safety and creates improvements in vision within 24 hours. You can enjoy this sophisticated and fully automated technique in expert hands in Turkey.


Knee arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical manipulation that allows to obtain the accurate diagnosis of knee diseases, to examine the real-time examination of the intra-articular structures, if necessary to carry out the joint capsule biopsy, and a variety of the therapeutic surgical manipulations in the knee cavity.

Arthroscopy of the shoulder joint is performed in cases when there are various injuries, traumas and pathologies in the shoulder joint causing the patient unpleasant sensations, pain and movement disorders that cannot be treated with conservative methods - physiotherapy, injections or medication administration

Hip replacement surgery is a life changing treatment for many patients and having it from safe hands with highest technological standards is crucial. RemedHealth assisted many international patients to have successful hip replacement operations.

Give a chance to a new life with more to share with your loved ones and without pain. Knee problems threaten the quality of life for many people. Never theless there is a very successful treatment options in Turkey.

Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery

With our expert surgeons and world class hospitalization options, Remed team is ready to offer you among the best options in rhinoplasty. Whether to improve your outlook or eliminate nasal problems you can trust in Remed’s expertise!

Implants offer many alternatives to create satisfactory results for those who would like to change the outlook of their breasts. Enjoy Remed’s treatment options to receive exactly what you dreamed of!

We invite you back to the future! If you are looking for lifting in addition to a new size for your breasts Remed Health can help you achieve both in a single procedure!

Sometimes less is more! You can trust our medical team to deliver you the exact results you wish for a more suitable breast size!

The silhouette that you desire is just a decision away! Liposuction can reshape specific regions in your body, improving body contours and proportions by removing stubborn, unwanted body fat.

Get a brand new tummy within hours! Our team guarantees to deliver one of the best results possible!

You might be a good candidate for a buttock lift if you have saggy, excess skin and fat in the thigh and buttock area! Remed Health can guide you for a better outlook!

Remed Health has helped countless patients from around the World find the beauty they deserve. You can be one of those who created a brand new future with a rejuvenated outlook!

Your legs can look thinner and aesthetically more beautiful the next day! Enjoy the medical procedures with the most skillful practitioners and well equipped hospitals in Turkey.

Why not considering a quick retouch for your ears within your treatment abroad program!

Open your eyes to a youthful future! If you are concerned about sagging skin around the eyes a plastic surgery can be a permanent solution.

When you need the volume you have a smart option. You can consult Remed’s medical team for a detailed examination!


Kidneys are the most important paired organs of the human urinary track system, by means of urine formation function. One kidney weight varies from 120 to 200 g. The kidneys are located in the retroperitoneal space to the right and left of the spine.

Weight Loss (Bariatric Surgery)

Start a new life now! You have an option to get rid of excessive weight and regain your health. A wide variety of obesity operations can be held in Turkey with very high success rates.