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Aesthetic Surgeries

Aesthetic Surgeries

We do two types of operations that are hospital the first type is what we call plastic reconstructive surgeries including non-improving injuries, congenital anomalies, some deformities on the body and all kind of reconstructive surgeries. The second type is aesthetic surgeries. If we are to give some examples around the head and neck area like cleft lip and palate, the hemangiomas and arteriovenous malformations, finger defects, congenital anomalies nearly all of them can be treated at our clinic. Aesthetic surgeries, on the other hand, are the ones predominantly performed. Mostly performed eyelid surgeries, for example, both upper and lower lids facelift, plus the nasal surgeries as we call them, lips, neck lifting, including breast reduction, breast augmentation, slack on silicone implants, mastopexy lifting, liposuction lifting, regional tightening. I mean all the aesthetic operations can be done here.

Thanks to the state of art technology and equipment now the hospitalization, time is much shorter in all aesthetic operations even for the most complicated surgery. We can say that the hospital stay is around two maximum three days for simple operations like free no plastic or breast surgeries. It is one day only apart from that for big operations we ask our patients to stay in Istanbul for a week for minor surgeries though two-three days of stay in the country is enough for pediatric patients. We do the cleft lip surgeries around three months old and cleft palate surgeries like nine 12 months old for the vessel malformations which we call hemangiomas. We prefer to do the surgery at the age of three-four unless the location of the anomalies which makes it necessary to act earlier.

The breast implants are being used for the patients who do not have breasts. I mean those who did not have their breasts developed in puberty to form a natural look breast. Apart from that, also, the cancer patients who had their breasts removed these implants can be applied. We decide on the shape and the size of the implant according to the patient. We have drop shaped implants, the anatomic ones, and the round circular implants. The choice depends on the anatomic characteristics of the patient. For instance, if the patient is pretty slender body type and she has some amount of breast tissue, then we prefer the health fair implant. For types of patients with no breast tissue, then we prefer the drop shaped ones. Mostly we can place an implant in three ways: We can make an incision from the nipple, we can enter from the under the breast or from underarm where is the location for placement. Well, it can be placed right below the breast gland or under the muscle well. This is again determined by the tissue thickness. There may be early or late stage complications during the early stage. I mean right after the operation some complications due to anesthesia or due to the operation itself may occur the operational ones; can be bleeding or problems like an infection following the surgery or blood build-up may be seen following the operation. It is expected to see a mild bruise or swelling on the breast if these signs are extremely strong then they may also be addressed as complications, and at the later stages, the relocation of the implants may happen again.

At Fletcher stages, it is possible to encounter a situation which we call a capsular reaction. This is a reaction that the body develops against implant at the end of the day. An implant is a foreign object for the body. These lusts to depend completely on the patient. So what are the precautions for early-stage complications? Well, we make the patient use antibiotics. We also make a profound examination prior to the operation and place a drain they are left there for a day, and with the help of them, we evacuate the unwanted blood not to leak inside. The new implants we use do not cause any cancer it is out of the question. The silicone harms the breast tissue in any way or has any other negative effect on human health. We perform breast augmentation surgeries after the age of 18 generally because the body completes the biological development around that age. The breast implants do not have any negative effects on breastfeeding. The patient can get pregnant and breastfeed afterwards safely the implants that we use right now are the ones with a lifelong guarantee.