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P.K. and U.S. from Uzbekistan

Thanks to the employees of Remed Health - Sabine, Manar and Muslim - for their responsiveness, courtesy. You have given us all the condition and we have not felt that we are in a foreign country. Special thanks to Sabine for everything. Sabina at any time answered our calls and solved all our problems and questions, she was always happy to help us. We also would like to thank our doctor, Ali Enver Kurt, for his professional work and humanity. We are very happy to have chosen Remed Health. We stayed very content. Thank you so much! We wish you prosperity in further development.

A. Brown from England

I got the procedure that I was looking for, for my son. Organization was good and hospital selection also. The hospital was first class. Once again, thank you for your help and support, for all accompaniment during treatment period. I wish you and all your staff healthiness and success.  

A.G. from Azerbaijan

My father had a biopsy surgery in Turkey through Remed Health. Everything went well, and my father recovered. Remed Health is a very professional company in its branch and has met our expectations. Thanks to all the company employees, especially Müslüm.

F. Moretti from Italy

Before I decide to go treatment abroad, I was nervous that what would happen if anything happens when I get back home; Thanks to Remed team fallow ups, now I feel I had done treatment in hometown rather than a foreign country. Also, I am happy that I had a trip abroad, did treatment and saved considerable money regard the same treatment in Italy!

G.I. from Azerbaijan

Besides the top quality and satisfying result of my operation, I was delighted with the support that Remed Health provided to me.

Every single day, a team of doctors and nurses was ready to provide medical care during days and nights, particularly the first day after the surgery They organized everything very well such as the transportation to/from the hospital and were always with me during my entire stay, they don’t forget sending flowers after the surgery to make us feel surrounded with heartfelt care.

I chose Antalya for my treatment which is also a beautiful city for a nice vacation, especially for a longer stay during the early recovery. With Remed Health’s professional support, I finally got the look I expected. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

M. Abu-Salameh from Kuwait

Remed staff was so warm and friendly, I only cared about my treatment and had peace of mind. I took it not only as medical trip but also as touristic too. I've already told friends about it. The last but not the least, we received what was written in dental treatment package

T.L.F from Burkina Faso

Hello everyone! My name is T.L.F. I'm from Burkina Faso precisely in Ouagadougou. And I wanted to share my experience in Istanbul with you. I first want to thank God for the good things he did for us during our stay.

I went to Turkey on September 11, 2018 with my mother whom I had accompanied for health reasons. And after her exams and the treatments she received, I decided to give myself a check up to see if everything is fine with me. And that's when I learned that I was born with a heart disease that was getting worse over time and that a surgical intervention was needed.

It was a shock and especially a grace for me because I was just coming for my mother but the Lord opened another door for me. Thanks to God the intervention went well on September 25th. This date will always be engraved in my head because I was born a 25! It's as if I have just been reborn !! My brothers and sisters know that the eternal always opens doors for each of us because he is merciful!

I thank Remed Health for accompanying us and helping us during our stay in the good as the difficult times because thanks to them we were able to achieve the objectives for which we had come to Turkey.