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What Are the Benefits of Egg Yolk?

What Are the Benefits of Egg Yolk?

Do you eat a boiled egg every morning? Or do you prefer scrambled egg? If your answer is "yes" to one of these questions, then you are on the right track. As we all know, egg has impressive health benefits. Egg contains high iron, zinc, calcium, folic acid and protein. Because of these substances, it affects our health positively. So we can change the famous phrase as "An egg a day keeps the doctor away". Even if it is suggested to eat the whole egg, namely both yolk and white, egg yolk is the winner compared to the egg white. Then, let’s go into some more details.

Why is Egg Yolk Healthier Than the White?

Egg yolk has more protein than egg whites. It is a powerful source of vitamins and minerals.

Rich in iron, potassium and magnesium, egg yolk is necessary for brain health. It strengthens the memory, increases the concentration and prevents Alzheimer's disease. Egg yolk also protects your heart health, reduces the risk of stroke and is useful for bone, brain, liver, heart and nervous system.

For a Smooth Skin:

Egg yolk makes your skin more youthful. It helps reduce small wrinkles on your face. It also moisturizes the dry skin. It cleans dead cells, smoothens skin. You may apply egg yolk to your face especially to beat acne and blackheads.

To Be Eagle-Eyed:

In a balanced diet, one of the essentials is egg. Eating an egg a day can make a big difference for the eyes. Children and adults who are suffering from eye problems should consume an egg a day to prevent eye diseases. Thanks to the protein egg yolk contains, it contributes to the health of the eyes of children during their adolescence.

Egg yolk also prevents elder people from having Pinguecula. Pinguecula can be explained as a yellowish dot on the white part of the eye and it affects people over the age of 50. Sometimes it can cause blurred vision, itching and stinging. When you consume egg yolks, it will help prevent the progress of this disease. Patients who are at the risk of having this disease should consume egg yolk once a day.

Shiny Hair:

Apart from the afore-mentioned benefits, egg yolk can also be used for cosmetic purposes. Of course, eating egg yolk will give better results. However, by applying egg yolk to your hair, you will have healthy and glossy hair. As a treatment for hair loss, brittle hair, or to try to make their hair grow faster, you can make a hair mask using egg yolk and olive oil.