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The Importance of Cancer Screening and Check-Up

The Importance of Cancer Screening and Check-Up

How familiar are you with the phrase “Early diagnosis saves lives”? Have you ever had a cancer screening? Well, do you have a regular check-up? When was the last time you went to GP? If you are giving negative answers to all these questions, then you might be at risk of a disease. Today start making your own health a priority!

Early diagnosis plays an important role in the treatment of all diseases as well as increasing your quality of life. Thanks to cancer screening programs and regular check-ups, if you have a disease that you are not aware of, it can be diagnosed early and the risk factors of the diseases can be minimized by starting treatment at an early stage.

The importance of cancer screening programs and regular check-ups has always been emphasized by the doctors. Especially some specific cancer types such as breast, prostate and pancreas cancer types, it can be detected early and treated without spreading other body tissues. Even if you do not have any diseases, especially after the age of 35, to protect your health and diseases to be able to noticed early, you should have a total cancer screening or regular check-up.

I feel good and I do not have a cancer patient in my immediate family. So I don't need either check up or cancer screening.

This is a common false assumption. Even if you feel good in general, you should have a general check-up at least once a year. Even if you do not have a cancer patient in your immediate family, you may be at risk due to work stress, poor diet and smoking. You should have a total cancer screening.

Cancer screening programs and check-ups include extensive examinations and laboratory procedures to detect cancer before cancer symptoms are visible. If your doctor suggests a screening or check-up to you, it necessarily does not mean that you are cancer. With cancer screening programs and check-ups, if cancer is detected in the early period, complete recovery can be achieved and the disease can be controlled with fewer side effects. Apart from being life-saver, cancer screening programs and check-ups decrease the treatment costs, as well.

Check-up can be described as a periodic general health check. Check-ups should be carried out at regular intervals in order to determine risk factors and prevent them. Thanks to check-up, all risks that may turn into diseases can be identified and the necessary precautions can be taken. Check-ups aim to keep the person healthy. With a simple blood test, the risk of heart disease can be detected, and with a few small tests, serious diseases such as cancer can be recognized at the very first stage. For these reasons, a general check-up should be had at least once a year.

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