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Common Misconceptions About Health Tourism in Turkey

Common Misconceptions About Health Tourism in Turkey
When you want to have your holiday abroad, you definitely read and search a lot on the Internet about the country you wish to visit. Does the country have a lot of touristic attractions such as museums, historical places, shopping malls? Or is the country safe? Are the hotels clean and cheap? Can I find the good food that suits my diet? All these questions are possible to have when you plan to visit another country for a short period of time. Now think about having your medical treatment abroad. That is much more difficult decision rather than having a holiday.
Since the last decade of this century, more people have started to have their medical treatment abroad when compared to the past. Thanks to the Internet, now people can read the reviews about the medical treatment that they plan to have and the country that they visit for medical purposes or they can even book their places in seconds. Turkey has become one of the countries that attracts a lot of patients around the world. Every year, more and more patients visit Turkey for their treatments such as hair transplantation, dentistry and cosmetic surgeries. Even if Turkey hosts a lot of patients from all around the world, some people still can be biased towards Turkey. Here are the three most common misconceptions about health tourism in Turkey:
Medical Team in Turkey
When thinking about a medical treatment in Turkey, the first thing that might come to your mind can be the quality of the medical team and the medical infrastructure of the country. Turkey has very well-trained doctors and medical team. In Turkey, a medicine student has to spend 10 years to be able to entitled as a doctor and specialized in a specific area.  Turkey is a country that is famous for the doctors who are specialized in dentistry, rhinoplasty, eye surgeries and hair transplantation. Apart from the proficiency of the medical team, Turkey has the highest number of JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited facilities.
Cheap Medical Treatment
Having your medical treatment in Turkey will save you up to 75%-90% compared to costs in your country. However, you might be doubtful about paying less for your treatment. Low price is generally seen as a bad quality. However, in Turkey, most of the medical treatments, especially aesthetic surgeries, cost lower when compared to other countries. In other words, getting your self-confidence by having medical treatment in Turkey is cheap but with a good quality.
Is Turkey Safe?
Turkey is a country that embraces Asia and Europe. Even if the majority is Turkish, throughout history, Turkey has hosted many ethnic and religious groups.  What is more, Turkish people are always helpful and hospitable. When you plan to have your medical treatment in Turkey, without any hesitation, you should book it.