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3 Things You Should Know Before Having a Brazilian Butt Lift Operation

3 Things You Should Know Before Having a Brazilian Butt Lift Operation

1. What is Brazilian Butt Lift?

Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian… They all have something in common. All these Holywood stars have sexy, full and round buttocks. Even if they all allege that their butts are natural, when you look at their photos through the years, it is very definite that they all have got help from plastic and aesthetic doctors. This is not something shocking because as years go by, the skin loses its elasticity and starts sagging. Our buttocks also have their share.
Today, even though the beauty concept may vary from society to society, when the subject is the shape of buttocks, then all the world agree together: full, round and lifted butt. According to the plastic and aesthetic surgeons, muscular, narrow or flat butts are not seen aesthetically beautiful, an ideal butt should be toned, defined and round in the back, which also called “Latin” or “Brazilian” butt.
Having a flat or very big butt is an aesthetic problem and many women feel embarrassed, especially when they wear a skirt or pants. If the buttocks are smaller than body measurements, or if the muscles are not developed sufficiently, the butt takes a flat shape.

2. What are the BBL Techniques?

Brazilian butt lift, also known as bum lift, buttock lift and buttock augmentation, is a type of surgery operation that gives a toned, curved and sexy shape to the buttocks. There are two general techniques of Brazilian butt lift: fat injection and butt implant. Both techniques aim to shape the buttocks and increase their volume.
  • Fat Injection to Buttocks: In this technique, both liposuction and fat injection are applied at one single surgery. Fat injection to buttocks can be the best technique for women who have fat in some specific areas such as belly, thighs or love handles. The unwanted fat from these areas are suctioned by liposuction and injected to the buttocks. The butt is given a certain volume and shaped by your doctor. Sometimes the fat accumulated in the upper and lower hips can be taken by liposuction and injected to the butt for a more round hip appearance. By fat injection technique, the desired fullness can be provided in your butt.


  • Butt Implant: This technique may be the best option for women who do not have enough fat in her body. In this technique, special butt implants are placed under the butt muscles. These butt implants are harder than silicone breast implants. the stitches or surgical scar is not visible.


3. What to Expect After the Operation & Recovery Time

Butt lift is a surgical operation that can be performed under general anesthesia and sedation. It is suggested that the patient should be hospitalized one or two days. 
After the operation, you should wear a corset, which will make you feel more comfortable and less pain. It is recommended to use the corset during the first three weeks. Wearing the corset prevents edema and bleeding.
For the first two days, you should not take a bath. It is very important to protect the operated buttocks from any injuries. Sports activities are restricted in the first six weeks. Mild bruises may occur in the first three weeks but don’t worry, they are temporary.
If you are planning to have only fat injection to buttocks, please remember 30% of the fat may melt away and there may be some reduction in fullness. Also if you are planning to have butt implant operation, then sitting in the post-operative period will be troublesome. 
The bruises that may occur within a week, the maximum amount of edema is within one month. Using the latest medical technology for this operation will accelerate the healing period and minimize side effects such as bruising and edema.