Remed Assistance

With an experience since 1993, Remed Assistance operates in Turkey and all around the world to provide value-added Services to its clients from various sectors. The integrated service packages and tailor-made solutions that Remed Assistance is offering are all aimed at responding the needs of ever-changing customer profiles and demands.

We organize effective services all around the world through our alarm centers located in Istanbul, Antalya, and Cairo, the representative offices in Moscow and Bulgaria and with our partners within International Assistance Group. A key strength of Remed Assistance is its operational excellence. Its specialist multilingual case managers handle more than 100,000 cases a year in three 24/7 alarm centers located in Istanbul, Antalya, and Cairo.


Remed Assistance


Avita is a brand of Remed Assistance that offers a truly innovative approach to the health and wellbeing of employees in a workplace. Avita provides modern services and implementations to managers and HR departments. Employee Assistance Programs, Employee wellness products, Expat assistance, Critical incidence management are a few examples services given by Avita.

Remed Assistance


Ethics line is a 7/24 communication platform through which employees and other stakeholders can ask questions about the code of conduct or report conducts that may be unethical, illegal or violation of professional standards

Remed Assistance


We have created the online platform to provide the experience and knowledge we have gained in the field of assistance with easily accessible, favorable conditions and prices for people and institutions with a need for cross-border treatment or preference.

Remed Assistance


TMS (Turkish Medical Services) is a sister company of Remed Assistance, specialized in medical tourism services.