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Management Team

Remed Assistance's professional team of more than 125 employees consists of medical doctors, nurses, case managers, claims managers, network managers, psychologists, lawyers, travel and IT professionals. The team is supported with ongoing training and undergoes continuous performance evaluations and their experience in the assistance, tourism and travelbusiness, health and insurance sectors allow them to be more prepared, flexible, empathic and understanding to the needs of all parties.

Selçuk Tiftik

Dr. Selçuk TİFTİK


Faruk Ertuğ


Managing Director

Dr. Murat Keçik

Dr. Murat KEÇİK

Medical Director

Dr. Müslim Alihan

Dr. Muslim ALİHAN

Managing Director

Dr. Nuri Aziz

Dr. Nuri AZİZ

Managing Director

Mohamed ESSAM

Mohamed ESSAM

Egypt Assistance Managing Director