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Medical Tourism has become a very powerful travel activity beyond argument. The number of medical travelers only to Turkey in 2015 reached to 300.000 with a turnover of 3 billion USD. In addition to the traditional travel products it’s always smart to establish such a new line of business for any tourism professional.

Many people are looking for options to enrich their holiday plans with revitalization and wellness programs and medical treatment packages abroad.

Healthcare and wellness packages such as check-up programs, esthetic and cosmetic applications, hair transplants, eye-laser/Lasik operations are an opportunity to differentiate your service scale and move one step ahead on the competition as well as enlarge your client pole.

With its powerful infrastructure, operational experience and wide network Remed Health is a trusted professional partner to ensure your customers’ satisfaction and improve your business.

We Offer;

  • Professional Wellness and Medical Packages,
  • Fair Prices,
  • Marketing & Information Materials For Your Clients,
  • Immediate Response and Online Information Services For Your Sales Team,
  • The Quality Of Services and Complete Organization,
  • Online Access To Our Portal,