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Medical Tourism Consultants / Companies

Enjoy A Trusted Partner’s Support To Improve Your Business

Offering a treatment abroad plan is a huge responsibility and needs harmonious collaboration with different parties. Organizations, including but not limited to  consultation of medical files, hospital services, transportations, accommodations, follow ups of the medical procedures, pot-op services, translations, controls and payments may be overwhelming and the smooth flow of the operation is the key to the customer satisfaction.

We are here as your local partner whenever you need support.

RemedHealth.com represents you locally, serve your clients in every manner  on your behalf  and  ensures  a smooth, efficient and satisfactory treatment experience for your clients.

While you concentrate on your core business and essential activities of contacting your clients and organizing travel programs, we provide you a peace of mind for the rest of the process.

We Offer;

  • New products and mutual products developments,
  • Fair prices,
  • Marketing & information materials for your clients,
  • Immediate response and online information services for your sales team,
  • The quality of services and complete organization,
  • All insured and assured.